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Role of Government in Pollution Control-Air Pollution

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Role of Government in Controlling Air Pollution

The Government after realizing the gravity of pollution, have also taken the following measures:

  1. Clean India Mission (watch Bharat Abhiyan) has been launched;
  2. Draft Rules for handling and management of municipal waste have been notified for comments of stakeholders.
  3. Standards for sewage treatment plants have been notified for comments of stakeholders.
  4. Implementation of Bharat Stage IV norms in the 63 selected cities and Bharat Stage III norms in rest of the country;
  5. National Air Quality index was launched by the Prime Minister in April 2015 starting with .10 cities;
  6. Banning of the burning of leaves/ biomass
  7.  Relevant draft rules, including those pertaining to construction and demolition waste, have been notified
  8. Regular coordination meetings are being held at official and ministerial level with Delhi and other State Governments within the National Capital Region (NCR) on 6th April, 13th April and 24th ]uly, 2015 to control environmental pollution in NCR adopting airshed approach;
  9. The short-term plan has been, reviewed and long-term plans have been formulated to mitigate pollution in NCR
  10. Stringent industrial standards have been formulated and notified for public/ stakeholder’s comments;
  11. Government is giving high priority for public partnership in the lane discipline, carpooling, vehicle maintenance, pollution under control certification etc.
  12. Out of 2800 major industries, 920 industries have installed on-line continuous (24×7) monitoring devices.

Role of Government to Control Water Pollution

Many governments have very strict laws that help minimize water pollution.

These laws are usually directed at industries, hospitals, schools and market areas on how to dispose of, treat and manage sewage.

Local authorities must be vigilant and quick and to deal with water issues of their community to prevent danger.

In many developed cities, waste or sewage treatment is very efficient and designed to minimize pollution of water bodies.

There are also lots of organizations and groups that help educate people about the dangers of water pollution. It is always great to join these groups because they regularly encourage other members of their communities to have a better attitude towards water.

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