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Role of Quality Circles in Organizational Development

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Role of Quality Circles

The following are the advantages of Quality Circles

Enhancement of Job Interest and Job satisfaction :

When workers/ employees had our solutions for their work/ job-related problems and develop the processes, their interest in their work] job enhances rather than when they mechanically follow the instructions of their superiors. The efforts done in this manner’encourage their creativity by tapping their dormant intellectual skills which boosts their self-confidence and gives them job satisfaction.

Self-development of workers/employees :

Quality circles facilitate self2 development of employees/workers. When they work in small groups to discuss various aspects related to their jobs, they come close to each other. This helps to bring about attitudinal change and to improve the self-confidence and overall development.

Healthy work Environment and Team Spirit:

As the quality circles are voluntary groups of workers/employees, friendly.atm03phere exists in the meetings of quality circles, and as quality circles generate a tension-free environment which helps the members to understand each other with the feeling of cooperation. This interaction also helps in developing team-spirit, team~work.

Opportunity to Acquire Knowledge, Skills, etc. :

When the members of the quality circles meet and discuss the problems and various aspects related to their jobs, work, they get an Opportunity to exchange ideas and ‘as a result, they acquired new knowledge, certain skills by sharing ideas, Opinions experiences, etc.

Quality Circles help to Enhance Problem Solving Capacity and to Develop Leadership Potential :

When employee/workers decide on their own the implementation of various measures for quality-improvement. they have to face various problems related to their jobs and to do all efforts to solve those problems. This helps them to enhance their decision-making ability. Further, each member gets an opportunity to develop his leadership potential, since everybody can become a leader.

Improvement in Human Relations and work-area Morale:

Members of the quality circles meet regularly and discuss common problems, exchange ideas, resolve problems through common solutions. The natural consequence of all these activities is improved human relations. The close interaction between members of the group helps to boost morale in the workplace.

Participative Culture :

Importance of workers participation in the management is now accepted by all. Workers participation in management has varying degrees of success in different organizations. If trade unions accept the concept of 3 quality circle and implemented it. It ensures workers participation in the true sense

Reducing Defects and Improving Quality:

In quality circles, various problems related to quality, processes, methods, jobs, etc. are discussed and efforts are made to find out the solutions to the problems All these efforts help to reduce the defects, if any, and to improve the quality of the products. services. etc

Improvement in the Housekeeping, Cost Effectiveness, Safety, etc.

The presentations made by the members of the quality circles, highlight the importance of house-keeping and the methods to ensure better house-keeping. The problems related to safety, reduction in cost etc. are dealt more effectively through quality circles. Improvement in the Housekeeping, Cost Effectiveness, Safety, etc.

Effective Communication :

Inadequate, communication, many times, is the origin of many problems which results in misunderstanding among the workers, management and workers, management and trade unions. Quality circles bring workers together frequently which helps to improve organizational communication. The joint problem solving efforts, presentation before the management, etc. help to improve the communication skills of the members.

Benefits to the Organization :

Because of the various activities carried on in, the quaIity circles, the organization is also benefitted. Health atmosphere is created leading to higher productivity, better quality, good management «employee relationship, reduction in waste, etc.

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