Organizational Behaviour

Sources of Conflicts and Types

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Conflict shows a struggle or contest between people with opposing needs; ideas beliefs, values, or goals the conflict might escalate to non-productive results, or can be positively resolved and lead to quality final products. Conflicts can occur because of a task, relationship, or process related issues between personnel.

Types of Conflict

Organizational Conflict can be classified in several ways. These conflicts can occur because of the ask, relationship, or process related issues.

Intra-individual or Intra-personal Conflict

Conflict can be intra-personal. where an individual’s objective and vision differ from his/her company’s overall vision.

Inter-personal conflict

The most basic type of conflict is inter-personal. it is between two colleagues arising from a host of reasons ranging from differences in personality, work-style, and personal background.

Intra-group Conflict

When an individual is pitted against a group and is either unwilling or unable to conform to group dynamics, he or she invariably leaves the team due to intra-group conflict.

Inter-group conflict

When the conflict is inter-group, two teams are involved in a deadlock, endangering the successful completion of a project due to differences in group dynamics.

Organizational conflict is the discord that arises when the goals, interests or values of different individuals or groups are incompatible and those individuals or groups block or thwart one another’s attempts to achieve their objective.


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