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Various Sources of Authority

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Authority is the power to manage the subordinates to control them and to instruct them according to the rules norms and standards of the organization – Various Sources of Authority

Authority of managers

Authority of managers helps to keep the sub-ordinates in obedience. AccordsubordinatesFayol, ”Authority can be define as the right to give orders and provides to exact obedience.” According to Theo Haimann, ”Authority is the rightful legal power to request subordinates to do a certain thing for refrain from doing so, If he does not follow this instructions, the manager is in opposition, if need be, to take displinery action.”

Authority is a legal power

Authority is a legal power to instruct, order and control the subordinates as desire by the manager under the regulations of organiza tions and the manager also holds the power to punish the subordinates in case of this obedience.

Sources of Authority The sources of authority/legal/powér are:

Formal Sources of authorities

Position or post

The position or post or leave of the managers or employees may have shortened authorities. The personal capacity can defer actual practice of such authorities.

According to these sources or theory authorities are created or originated from the real owners and it is transferred to the top level management. For egg. CEO can receive

I authority from BOD, and delegates such authorities to be lower levels.

Acceptance theory of Authority : Another source of authority is acceptance from the sub-ordinates. If the ideas, activities, opinions and procedures followed by the superiors are accepted by the subordinates than only the authorities than only the authorities can be practice such sources or authorities is known as acceptance theory.

Competence theory

According to this theory, Authorities also ditges from the personal skills, knowledge experience, extra-ordmary academic excellence such factors shown the competency of the managers.

Environmental factors

The authorities are also creating or formed the external environmental forces in another words degree of authority can be increased or decreased based on favor and unfavored situation of environment. It the environment is favorable then the manager can use maximum degree of authorities.

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